Australia Wallabies V Italy – Highlights – Rugby – 2009

18 thoughts on “Australia Wallabies V Italy – Highlights – Rugby – 2009”

  1. infoh says:

    @jarsonist lol ur an idiot if u generalize everyones accent from one person grow up kid

  2. infoh says:

    @fuckthepolice67 lol kid be quite

  3. luca smith says:

    And the only action tht australia gets if there life time, if they fuck a kangaroo!!!!!
    and dont be jeluos bc italians are know for there football, and soo is brazil, and france… u ppl tht cant win shit, have always some bad to say when nations are better then u and win more cups… !!!!!
    Viva Italia
    Viva Brazil
    Viva every nation tht proved themselves in history.

  4. BroomeBlocker4 says:

    @die203 In rugby you can tackle anywhere except the head/neck as well.

  5. jarsonist says:

    Is that a typical Australian accent? I never want to visit that country after hearing this cow speak.

  6. madPop511 says:

    well come on man you gotta give it to them, luke mclean is of italian ancestry with australian and italian citizenship so yeah.

  7. daboom2006 says:

    If italians cant dive in a game they wont win.

  8. daniel DanielK says:

    From who? #4 James Horwil? Maybe. Advantage was being played anyway!

  9. Chris Brooks says:

    james o'connor is sick!!

  10. bokson4 says:

    wasnt really an italian try, due 2 the fact that it was and aussie and a kiwi involved in it.

  11. Phillz Vocevuka says:

    farrhh james o'connor was great…

  12. Timothy Schuster says:

    thanks for the upload,,,can't get sky here in London as my building is listed.

  13. scoobajunky says:

    cheers dude – fuckin missed the coverage of this last nite due to being out for dinner… o'connor is certainly living up to the hype!! bloody strong for a little guy, that third try took some balls…
    well played wallabies! bad luck all blacks 🙂

  14. tanktop200 says:

    thanks for the upload

  15. Alan G says:

    fucking legend, thanks for uploading this

  16. laterwaiters says:

    no you team sucks big time in 2012…

  17. Jeff Sherman says:

    teenage mutant ninja springboks LOL

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