Rugby: Australia v South Africa 1st test 1971

4 thoughts on “Rugby: Australia v South Africa 1st test 1971”

  1. Andy Tooley says:

    The commentator is Norman May. Also used to do cricket commentary for the ABC

  2. Caustic Wit says:

    Amazing footage. Thank you to the uploader….

  3. william weir says:

    great footage 99waylon!!!! i really enjoyed SA fullback Ian McCallum kicking for goal a year earlier he kicked some monster goals against the All Blacks

  4. John Tate says:

    Hello this is an interesting clip РI notice that tests 2 and 3 also on youtube  Рcan someone help me, and let me know who the commentator is? I think he is a commentator I have heard on Aussie cricket coverage too? Sounds very familiar Рdid he cover a range of sports for Aussie TV?
    John Tate Liverpool UK

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