Rugby Union, 2002 Test Match Wales vs New Zealand.

13 thoughts on “Rugby Union, 2002 Test Match Wales vs New Zealand.”

  1. ewaf88 says:

    What did Wales do – leave the roof open during a monsoon?

  2. Stuart Fraser says:

    Jonah's last test I think.

  3. petnzme01 says:

    Always liked the Welsh commentators. They have a lovely lilt to accent.

  4. Jason Ryan says:

    "we haven't beaten the All Blacks in 50 years" "no 49 years" actually mate it's 63 years now.

  5. rabbitss11 says:

    what a bloody terrible pitch, slows the game right down

  6. Wardad says:

    hahaha wee Merhts looks like a kid in the ''one size fits all jumper ''
    When Hansen was coaching Wales he said they were always up for other teams but in the sheds before playing NZ they were already acting like they were beaten .Henry says the same too .

  7. J Jtx says:

    typical crappy wales letting the all blacks run wild in the last few mins. made the score line look like a hammering…..should of been 22 17 and a tight game.

  8. peter chessell says:

    Wales …..fucking shit.

  9. Andriana Privett says:


  10. Lee Morgan says:

    Wales in the doldrums .

  11. Lopaaione T says:

    Bloody awesome upload mate. May Buddha bless you 8 times a day for all your choice work Lol!!!!!!

  12. thomashenrydavies says:

    what a pitch

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