Tri Nations 2011 – Australia v South Africa – 23 July 2011

28 thoughts on “Tri Nations 2011 – Australia v South Africa – 23 July 2011”

  1. Tang Williams says:

    Wow! Australia did well, and win the Tri-nation after the All Blacks game.

  2. Rocknrolltrain95 says:

    quade cooper dominated this match

  3. jd14411 says:

    look at the score… lol

  4. Herb615 says:

    True that. NZ for the Rugby World Cup

  5. Herb615 says:

    New Zealand>Australia>South Africa

  6. Dave Davis says:

    shit….. c'mon Bokke….!!!!! Stupid move…… where s Spies? Wheres Bakkies? Wheres the Beast? Juan smith? Burgher????? Matfield??? Francois steyn?

  7. Cam365 says:

    fuck assuies fuck cunts

  8. baruugh says:

    REDBULLGIVYAWINGS, Aussie have won 2 World Cups (& lost a final in extra time), while NZ has won 1 World Cup (& lost a final in extra time).

    The WC is knock-out, so anything can happen. Perhaps you should look at the 7 years WITHOUT the Bledisloe Cup, 9 years since a Tri-Nations (2 titles vs 9 by NZ) as being more indicative.

    But if you want to dwell in your two WC wins, knock yourself out champ. It'd probably be the hightlight of your day.

  9. SUp Brah says:

    BRAHBOIZ183 thats right we suck cock… if cock was the world cup! we won more than you. Almost 3 times more than you if it wernt for a drop goal in extra-time.

  10. Mikes says:

    Solid as man dis is gangsta

  11. KeepzRhecra says:

    fucking cross kick by a lock… brilliance

  12. leonidasaa says:

    I'm no all blacks fan but i will say that the 2005 team was probably one of the best sides i've seen.

  13. Cellar Door says:

    Their 2005 season was perfect! Captained by one of the most skilled players.. ever! Good on Tana.
    2011 here we come!!!! And this time the boys will be ready!!!

  14. rugbyZach says:

    what song is this?

  15. gbyzh says:

    What the hell?!?! Mondo you didnt do this video. Glorzifen did!

  16. George Hatzikiriakos says:

    im pretty sure all blacks are the best. However, bryan habana can kill the wallabies.. they dont stand a chance. SOUTH AFRICA!!!

  17. KiwiNicci says:

    ALL BLACKS all the way!!

  18. frozor fright says:

    the wannabes n the springbotch better watch out , the kiwis r coming.

  19. LaliLala085 says:

    Awesome! All blacks will win the world cup, no doubt on it

  20. willytheekid says:

    we welcome all to the feild 🙂

  21. Mubeen Ashfaque says:

    awesome video, all blacks are simply amazing, but the rugby world needs to watch out for an emerging force…Pakistan Rugby…will be an honor to play against all blacks someday 🙂

  22. Luke Frater says:

    'Broken' by Seether feat. Amy Lee

  23. americanblue says:

    wats the song called??? btw, vid is great

  24. Sam Booker says:

    awesome vid man! im welsh but the all blacks r amazin

  25. philthyphil says:

    really nice video man, i really liked it. that still doesnt mean i like you kiwi's. go the wallabies!

  26. cjgrove uk says:

    well done all blacks,springboks will see you again in 2007.

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